Whether you are a blushing bride or someone who wants to get glammed up for a special event, I would love to work with you! 


Bridal Makeup 

There is nothing more special than getting to work with a bride on one of the most important days of her life! I love to help my brides feel their most beautiful, confident, and special on the day of their wedding.

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Special Event Makeup

I can help you get glammed for that special event! Babyshowers,family photos, night out with your hubby, I love to do it all!! 

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Green Makeup Class

The world seems to be going "green" and there is a good reason for it! Have you ever researched what is in the products you are using and what kind of harmful effect it may have long term? I have jumped into the world of green and healthy cosmetics, ( I can tell you there is some really great products out there). My passion is to help my clients learn how to be there own beauty advocates and how to be healthy while doing so.