Why is cream blush better for more mature skin......

One of my true secrets to makeup application ( especially as we age) is that less is more. This is one reason why I love the idea of cream blush!! You can blend seamlessly into your skin to give that fresh glow without it grabbing and adding texture or without giving that clown like obvious blush appearance. One of my favorite dewy blushes is the Clove+Hallow Hydratint Blush Serum. A lightweight blush serum infused with meadowfoam oil and hyaluronic acid that seamlessly blends into skin for a healthy, hydrated flush. The hyaluronic adds that bit of moisture that most of us in our late 30s on are lacking and plumps the skin!! There are a few more options in my green beauty boutique!


from top to bottom ( velvet, georgia, nakey, blossom )

from top to bottom ( velvet, georgia, nakey, blossom )

The best makeup primer that is actually good for your skin!!


Traditional makeup primers are packed full of silicons, chemicals, fragrance, and other yuckies that can actually end up harming your skin in the long run ( and your health) ! What I like about using an organic balm is that you are not only priming your skin ( especially in the dry patches that are going to grab your makeup and show texture in the skin). But you are also nourishing and protecting it!! Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Organic Magic Balm is the perfect balance of organic ingredients to help the skin prep and prime for that perfect foundation application. It can also be used on lips and around sensitive eye areas.

A little bonus, when your all done using the package can be recycled!

Enjoy!! XO Pretty Simple Beauti

The beauty of using essential oils on your face.......

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So many clients say to me “ I would never put oil on my face”. This misconception with oils has always baffled me……..

Lets break it down in simple terms, why are oils good for your face!

They can reduce your wrinkles.

Some facial oils are packed with antioxidants, which prevent further aging. They also have zero fillers so you are getting the full punch of the benefits of nature!

They really protect your skin.

Because oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturizing goodness in, while keeping toxins and other bad stuff out. Some oils also help to fortify and strengthen our own natural skin barrier.

They're the perfect primer for makeup.

Certain oils zip through the top of skin at lightening quick speed, quickly settling comfortably into the areas that need hydrating the most. This gives an immediate plumping effect and creates the perfect canvas for your makeup — and the smoother your skin, the better your whole face will look.! True Story!!

They can shrink enlarged pores.

Higher-end oils such as macadamia, jojoba, and camellia actually pull out grime and fats from pores, making them appear smaller and less noticeable.

Oil can actually balance out oily skin.

By replacing the good oil back into your skin, your face will naturally stop producing as much and become more balanced. Of course you want to use more astringent oils such as grape seed, rose hip, and tea tree oils.

Some of the most effective oils you can use:

1. Jojoba Oil

2. Pomegranate Seed Oil

3. Frankincense Oil

4. Lavender Oil

5. Rosehip Oil

Quick tip…. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable source and that your oils are pure and organic. A few that come to mind are young living and doterra. Enjoy!!!!

Xo Pretty Simple Beauti

Everyone is selling something.......

It seems like these days everyone is selling something. Everywhere you turn someone is trying to sell you something or make you sell something. It can be confusing what is truly quality and authentic products that are worth purchasing. 

This is why I choose to educate rather than to sell! There is no one miracle makeup or skincare line out there that sells everything you may need or want under one product name. So I choose to represent all of the non toxic, earth conscious,  not tested on animal, beauty lines that have extrodinary products.

My mission is to help my clients find the right products for them!

Why do I not sell or promote one brand? Simple answer, there is not one brand out there that covers the best of all products!

Like traditional makeup brands organic brands have their strengths and their weaknesses in their product lines.

What I look for in products is that they are animal and cruelty free, they are free of harmful chemicals, that the company that is selling them is well rounded and gives back, and last but not least that the products look and feel great on the skin! If they offer a recycling program that is a bonus!!!

Be your own advocate! Learn what is truly good for you and what is not. In the meantime, have fun with your beauty products!!

Be your own advocate!

No one wants to learn that their trusted personal care products are made with hazardous chemicals. Thankfully, safer alternatives are available and there are steps you can take to reduce toxic exposures in your home and protect the health of your family.

1. Simplify
Choose products with simpler ingredient lists and fewer synthetic chemicals. Avoid synthetic fragrance by skipping products with “fragrance” on the label, and use fewer products overall.

2. DIY
Some personal care products are easy to make yourself, and this can be a great project for a party. Make your own sugar or salt scrubs or body oils, using simple, organic ingredients.

3. Research Products Yourself
Since the beauty industry is largely unregulated, it’s up to you to do your own research to find the safest products. There are no legal standards for personal care products labeled as “pure,” “natural” or “organic,” so look beyond the marketing claims and read labels carefully.

4. Use apps like Think Dirty
To find out whether your go-to products are safe or not, try Think Dirty’s shop clean app. This easy-to-use resource ranks the safety of specific products on a scale of 1-10 and offers up cleaner solutions.

5. Get Involved
While it’s possible – and becoming easier – to reduce toxic exposures in your home by buying safer products, it’s not possible to shop our way out of this problem. Even if they’re not in your home, toxic chemicals from personal care products can still end up in our air and drinking water, and in the homes of people who don’t have access to safe products.

The solution: help us change the rules of the game! It shouldn’t be legal to sell cosmetics that contain dangerous ingredients. We’re working to pass new laws that protect our health and give consumers better information to make smart choices.